At Ms.Cattea’s Tea Bar, we provide bespoke tea tasting experience/tea classes for you by appointment, or check out the following exciting upcoming tea events!

DISCOVERING WHITE TEAS (12th Dec 2019 / 10th Jan 2020)

People know about white tea for its delicate flavour and various health benefits, there are so much more. Join us for an exclusive tea tasting event on discovering white teas to another level. We will take you to a journey to the history and stories about white teas, and you will be tasting all type of different white teas from our collection: - Silver Needle (loose leaf tea, 2019) - White Peony Biscuit (compressed tea, 2019) - White Tea Cake (compressed tea cake, 2o19) - Aged White Tea (compressed tea cake, 2016) Ticket Price: $59/person Duration: 6:15pm - 7:45 ( 90 mins) ...
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Kintsugi, a century-old Japanese art of ceramic repairing technique, expresses Wabi-Sabi philosophy to embrace the beauty of impefection. Join us for an intensive 3 hours session on Kintsugi with beautiful teas paried with some tea infused snack dinner. The history of Kintsugi art dates back to the 14th century when Tea Ceremony began to spread in Japan to repair the precious tea set. In this session, you will be learning a morden kintsugi technique, which follows the principal of ancient Kintsugi using alternative materials as resin, non allergic lacquer and brass powder which enable us to complete the whole process ...
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