WU NIU ZAO (乌牛早)

Tea type: Green Tea

Origin: Hangzhou, China

Year: Spring Harvest, 2021

Tea Style: Loose Leaf

Tea Cultivar: WU NIU ZAO ( Small Leaf)

Taste: This green tea is inspired from the legendary Long Jing (龙井) or Dragon Well tea. The tea is made from another variety tea plant called Wu Niu Zao, which is harvested in the high mountain area in Hanzhou. It is an early harvest tea variety, and the leave are slightly bigger and fatter than Long Jing variety. The tea is picked by hand, pan-fried and flattened. The taste is fresh, nutty, sweet and aromatic.




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2g (1 teaspoon) per 250ml glass, 85–90°c water.

Warm the glass with hot water and discard. Add the dry tea leaves and slowly pour in the hot water. Gently rock the glass to agitate the leaves for 1-2 minutes during infusion, up to 3 infusions.


Ingredients: 100% pure green tea. 

Store in an airtight container in a clean and dry place, avoid heat and sunlight. We recommend enjoying this tea within three months of opening. 

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