Tea type: Black Tea 

Tea Style: Loose Leaf

Tea Cultivar: Lapsang Souchong (Small Leaf)

Origin: Fujian, China

Year: Spring Harvest, 2017

Taste: Scent of a forest in the misty dawn carried by a gentle sweetness deepening to warm honey tones.


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Exclusively plucked in the National Reserve Area in Tongmu Gate (the original birthplace of black tea) in Wuyi Mountain, Fujian, this tea is extremely precious for two reasons.

Unlike normal tea gardens, it has limited production each year since it is only found wildly scattered in the deep forest areas inside Tongmu Gate. Combined with this, its tea harvest season only lasts for a few weeks in each spring, meaning tea pickers must depart before sunrise and cross mountains to search for the new flush, then return before sunset to give enough time for the tea making process. Extremely rare, this wild tea enjoys the Natural Reserve forest setting – the perfect environment for tea plants to grow in optimum sunlight, temperature, moisture, and soils.

The resulting tea is larger and stronger, containing precious polyphenols, vitamins and minerals. It exhibits a wild floral fragrance, a clean smooth and delicate flavour, and an aftertaste that is sugar-cane sweet and lasts for many brews.

The production of this premium wild black tea is very limited in every spring. Each tea leave has absorb the essence of its surrounding beautiful natural environment. It is regular tea drinker’s favourite because it is a very modest tea with many health benefits. Learn to be patient with it when you drink this tea. The longer you taste the tea, the more you will start to appreciate it as the best taste always comes after a few brews.

Ingredient: 100% pure black tea. No artificial flavours or colours.


3-4g per 400ml teapot, 90°c water.

2mins per infusion, up to 4 infusions.


5-6g per 150ml teapot/gaiwan, 90-95°c water.

25 secs for 1st infusion, add 5 secs for the next infusion, up to 10 infusions.

Note from Ms.Cattea: Store in an airtight container/foil bag in a clean and dry place, avoid heat and sunlight. The tea can last for years in good storage.


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