TEA CLASS – TASTE OF RAINBOW (10:30am – 12pm, 28TH FEB)


Have you ever wondered about the difference between black tea and green tea? Or what exactly is an oolong? And whether we’re just making things up when we talk about yellow tea?
In this workshop tea practitioner Adeline Teoh will explain the six (yes, six) categories of tea and how each of them are processed.
We will brew an example of each category so you can open your palate and taste the rainbow to gain an understanding of the main characteristics of different teas.
Workshop includes tea tasting, snacks and notes.
We encourage you to arrive a little beforehand to ensure that you don’t miss the foundational part of the workshop.
Price: $65/person
Duration: 90 mins; 10:30AM – 12:00PM, 28TH FEB 2021

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1. Please select free shipping option when you make the payment.

2. Please come on time to enjoy the full experience.

3, Tea snack will be provided. Please kindly indicate your dietary requirements.

4, The ticket is non-refundable. It is also non-exchangeable to another events/classes when its been confirmed, however tickets can be transferred to other people for the same session. At lease 2 days notice needs to be given in advance by email.

5, To ensure everyone enjoys the session and respect other guests, please kindly respect our house rule which will be announced in the beginning of the session.

6, Any inquiry about the event please contact us on:


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