Join us for an adventure on puer/puerh tea exploration and unlock many myth and knowledge. This is a great chance to taste many type of puer tea from different make( raw and cooked), different year, different shape and different locations.

We will be tasting Puer tea and try to get everyone to understand it from different levels.

– Sheng Puer ( Raw Puer) from the same year, different locations.

  • Sheng Puer Cake – Slippery Bamboo Ladder 2018 ( 200-300 years old tree from Menghai District, Yunnan.
  • Sheng Puer Cake – Bulang 2018 ( A raw Puer tea from Bu Lang Mountain District)
  • Sheng Puer Cake – Ba Da 2018 ( Ba Da Mountain)
  • Sheng Puer Brick – Xia Guan 2005

– Shou Puer ( Fermented Puer at different years, dry storage)

  • Shou Puer Tuo Cha 2011 ( A fermented Puer tea from Xia Guan Tea Factory, Yunnan)
  • Shou Puer Tuo Cha 2010 ( A fermented Puer tea from Da Yi Tea Factory, Yunnan)
  • Mini Mandarin Puer ( 4 years vintage mandarin peel, filled with 8¬†years vintage shou puer loose leaf tea)
  • Shou Puer Brick 2000 (A fermented pure tea from Xishuangbanna, Yunan)
  • And some mystery Aged Puers (private collection, non-for-sale)


Due to the limited availability, the ticket is non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Thank you for your understanding.

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1. Please select free shipping option when you make the payment.

2. Please come on time to enjoy the full experience.

3, Tea snack will be provided. Please kindly indicate your dietary requirements.

4, The ticket is non-refundable. It is also non-exchangeable to another events/classes when its been confirmed, however tickets can be transferred to other people for the same session. At lease 2 days notice needs to be given in advance by email.

5, To ensure everyone enjoys the session and respect other guests, please kindly respect our house rule which will be announced in the beginning of the session.

6, Any inquiry about the event please contact us on: hello@mscattea.com.au


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