Welcome to our April Sydney Tea Club 2o22.

Sydney Tea Club is a group for deep tea appreciation among serious tea lovers. We aim to share tea knowledge, sensory understandings and cultural practices in our pursuit of tea experiences.

This month we will be focus on Oolong Teas. We are going to explore some of the famous oolong teas in various locations, varieties and cultivars, tea making craftsmanships, and years of age. Here are some potential tea list, but the actual tea list for the tea club will be updated accordingly, but be prepared to drink 10+ types of oolong teas on that day.

Lightly Oxidised Oolongs (10%-25%): Iron Goddess of Mercy, White Orchid Oolong, Zhangping Water Lily, Dongding Oolong.

Medium Oxidised Oolongs:(25% – 50%): Phoenix Dancongs (5 varieties), Wuyi Stone Teas (4 varieties)

Heavily Oxidised Oolongs: (50% – 70%): Oriental Beauty.

To maximise the enjoyment and participation of the tea club session, we would like to encourage you to do some research on oolong teas and gain some basic knowledge of what are oolong teas first before the tea club session. We will try our best to answer your question on oolong teas but the focus on the tea club session will be exploring the taste profile of each oolong teas and understanding how the tea in a deeper level. If you have some interesting oolong tea wanting to share with the group, feel free to bring them. Max 2 tea samples each person, please also email us with some details of the tea 2 days in advance so we can schedule the tea into our tea tasting.

We will provide tasting notes, flavour wheels chart, reading materials for the teas. Some light snack and water will also be provided too.

Limited 8 ppl each session.

Let’s learn, drink and enjoy!


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1. Please select FREE SHIPPING option when you make the payment.

2. Please come on time to enjoy the full experience.

3, Please kindly indicate your dietary requirements.

4, The ticket is non-refundable. It is also non-exchangeable to another events/classes when its been confirmed, however the reserved seat can be transferred to other people for the same session. At lease 24 hours notice needs to be given in advance by email.

5, Any inquiry about the event please contact us on: hello@mscattea.com.au


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