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Tea Workshop with Cathy Zhang

Tea Introduction and Tea Tasting (7th Aug 2016)

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Come to have a tea session with me.

This Tea Introduction and Tea Tasting session is designed to share the fundamental concept of tea culture, tea categories and tea tasting skills -  the most important first lesson of becoming a serious tea drinker.

In this session I will share the basic knowledge on tea culture, tea history, the six tea categories, and tea making process; then we will do tea tasting on different tea categories. All the tea we used in the workshop are pure teas without any artificial flavours and colours, they are representing the unique characters of their tea categories. We will compare and judge the shape, the aroma, the colour, and the taste of the tea in their dried form and after when they have been infused.

Teas for the tea tasting are as follow: 

White Tea - White Peony ( Bai Mu Dan )

Green Tea - Gunpowder/Tai Ping Hou Kui

Oolong Tea - Iron Goddess ( Tie Guan Yin )

Black Tea - Lapsang Souchong (Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong)

Dark Tea - Shou Puer ( Cooked Puer )

The workshop will only be available to MAX 8 people every session, its just because we are trying to provide the best tea drinking experience and learning experience to everyone, so no one will be left out and have questions unanswered. By the end of this session, you will have a basic understanding of what are the different categories of tea, the basic tea tasting and judging skill, how oxidation affects the taste of the tea, how powerful tea it is in human history and how it has triggered wars and revolution, and why its so hard for us today to get a cup of good tea. There are quite a bit of content in this session and we will try to squeeze everything in 2 hours, please allow us to go over time a little bit if we need to. Water and light snack will be provided.

Time: 12:30pm -14:30pm, 7th Aug 2016

Location: 58a Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest, Sydney, NSW 2065

Payment: The tea workshop cost $48 per head. When check out, the system will automatically charge you $10 delivery fee plus $38.

Please email me if there is any questions:

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