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Black Tea

Mt. Lapsang Origin

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  • Tin 42 AUD
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Sweet sweet tea

Net weight: 80 g

Mt. Lapsang Origin is a continental favourite smoked black tea from Wuyi Mountains in northern Fujian, China, this variety has a distinctive smoky fragrance – from being carefully dried and roasted over pinewood fires. The dried tea is black and twisted, and its liquid is golden and bright. Meanwhile, the flavour is exceptionally delicate and refreshing.

Note from Ms.Cattea: Mt. Lapsang Origin is the origin of black tea. It is recommended to enjoy it by its own without milk.

Brewing instructions: Take 1 teaspoon per cup; 95°C fresh boiled spring water; 1st brew - 10s | 2nd brew - 20s | 3rd brew - 30s or more; longer steeping time if require for stronger taste with milk.

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