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Black Tea

Mt. Lapsang

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  • Tin 35 AUD
  • Refill 31 AUD
Sweet sweet tea

Net weight: 80 g

Mt. Lapsing (also called Lapsang Souchong) is a renowned pure none-smoked black tea from Wuyi Mountains in northern Fujian, China, has a dried form that is dark and curly. And when it’s brewed, it presents a beautiful dried-longan aroma. The colour is classic amber, limpid and bright, with a full-bodied aromatic taste and a smooth finish.

Note from Ms.Cattea: this tea is naturally subtle and refreshing, it may tastes ordinary to you in the first brew, but in the following brews, the tea will become more sweeter and smooth, which will eventually grow on you. It is recommended to enjoy it by its own without milk.

Brewing instructions: Take 1 teaspoon per cup; 95°C fresh boiled spring water; 1st brew - 10s | 2nd brew - 20s | 3rd brew - 30s or more; steep longer for stronger flavour.

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