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Black Tea

Ms.Cattea’s Breakfast

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  • Tin 28 AUD
  • Refill 22 AUD
Sweet sweet tea

Net weight: 100 g

Feeling refreshed is made a little easier with Ms Cattea’s specially selected breakfast tea, containing some of the finest and most delicate tea buds and leaves. It’s one for all the senses: from the feel of the leaves and beautiful sweet and floral aroma to the rich full-bodied flavour. Seeing its deep ruby colour (which can be mixed with fresh milk or pieces of lemon if preferred) and the sound of it pouring into your cup completes this breakfast sensory awakening.

Note from Ms.Cattea: strong brew is suitable to mix with milk or make iced tea. Strainers or infusers are recommended to be used to make this tea.

Brewing instructions: Take 1 teaspoon per cup; 95°C fresh boiled spring water; 1st brew - 10s | 2nd brew - 20s | 3rd brew - 30s or more; steep longer for stronger flavour.

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