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Tea Workshop with Cathy Zhang

Limited Edition Tea Sharing (14TH AUG 2016)

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Join me for a private tea gathering. 

This workshop is for passionate tea drinkers to meet up and share good tea together. There will be deeper conversations about tea, tea mountains, tea ware, tea knowledge, tea making skills and etc. I will be sharing at least five of my favourite limited edition teas, includes Wuxi Stone tea, Yellow tea, Tai Ping Hou Kui, Wild tree Lapsang Souchong, Puer and so on. Each of them can last for 15-20 infusions so be prepared for the possibility of getting tea drunk!

I will be using Gaiwan and Yixing clay teapot to brew the tea - a good way to demonstrate the proper way of tea making. Tea beginners are also encouraged to come, I will give it my best to fill you in with some basic tea knowledge and make sure you enjoy the tea experience as everyone.

The workshop will only be available to MAX 6 people in every session to ensure everyone have a good experience and get to practice enough. There are a lot of content in this session and we will try to squeeze everything in 2 hours, please allow us to go over time a little if we need to. Water and light snack will be provided.

Time: 12:30pm -14:30pm, 14TH AUG 2016

Location: 58a Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest, Sydney, NSW 2065

Payment: The tea workshop cost $65 per head. When check out, the system will automatically charge you $10 delivery fee plus $55.

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