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Tea Workshop with Cathy Zhang

Limited Black Tea Tasting (13th OCT 2018)

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Black tea as we know is the most popular tea internationally, yet some people may not be aware that there are hundreds of different black teas in the world, and each of them has different taste, aroma and colours. In this class we will be drinking some of the best pure black teas from different regions of China, each represents the character of the tea from its region. Regular tea drinkers who has already developed a good sense of tea tasting skills may benefit from the class as we will be exploring the tea’s history, culture and tea making process, however, the class is also designed to any tea drinkers who just want to enjoy some good tea and learn some interesting facts about tea.

You will be tasting the following black teas from 4 significant tea regions of China. Each of the tea is carefully selected by us from the most reputable source of its tea regions. This is to ensure that the tea we use is authentic and high quality.

- Keemun (An Hui Province )

- Yin Hong No.9 ( Guangdong Province )

- Dian Hong ( Yunan Province )

- Lapsang Souchong Original ( Fujian Province )

- Wild Lapsang Souchong ( Fujian Province )

- Mt. Wuyi Black Tea ( Fujian Province )

The class will only be available to MAX 8 people as we aim to provide a personal tea drinking and learning experience to everyone. By the end of the class, you should have some basic tea tasting skill and tea knowledge, which is essential to your tea journey for the future. You should also be able to answer questions like how oxidation affects the taste of the tea and why black tea was the reason of many wars in history. We will be providing water and light snack during the class.

Time: 2:45PM - 5:00PM, 13TH OCT 2018

Location: 62 Grosvenor Crescent, Summer Hill

Payment: The class is $55 per person. Due to the limitation of the website, please select the $45 option check out, and the system will automatically charge you $10 deliver fee to make up the $55. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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