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Green tea

Jasmine Pearl

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  • Tin 38 AUD
  • Refill 32 AUD
Sweet sweet tea

Net weight: 80 g

This special premium jasmine green tea comes right from the source – Heng County, Guangxi Province, famous for its fresh jasmine gardens. Fuding cultivar, which gives a fleshier and robust tea shoot covered with white ‘hairs’, is selected to be the green tea base, giving the tea a more distinctive appearance. Even in its dried form, the ball-rolled pearl shaped tea is still able to emanate a truly fresh jasmine scent. Its light green-yellow coloured brew has lingering mellow and flowery scents, and is gentle and mild with a sweet and enjoyable aftertaste. The flavour of jasmine remains for many brewings.

Note from Ms.Cattea: to reserve its fine taste and valuable antioxidants in green tea, it is best to consume it in 3 months after opening. The tea contains pure green tea and trace of jasmine petals.

Brewing instructions: Take 1 full teaspoon per tall glass ( 2 teaspoons for a stronger flavour); 90°C fresh boiled spring water;1st brew - 10s | 2nd brew - 20s or more; steep longer for stronger flavour.

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