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Green tea

Jade Bud

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  • Tin 42 AUD
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Sweet sweet tea

Net weight: 80 g

This premium pure green tea is produced in Meitan, Guizhou Province, known for the largest contiguous tea fields in western China. Jade Bud ( also called Cui Ya) refers the jade-colored tea buds of the dried tea, which are shaped like sunflower seeds. The tea itself is picked by hand in early spring and it takes more than 80,000 fresh tea buds to make a kilo of dried tea! The tea has a soft and fresh fragrance and the taste is tender and gentle, accompanied by a bright light yellow colour.

Note from Ms.Cattea: to reserve its fine taste and valuable antioxidants in green tea, it is best to consume it in 3 months after opening.

Brewing instructions: Take 1 full teaspoon per tall glass ( 2 teaspoons for a stronger flavour); 90°C fresh boiled spring water; 1st brew - 30s | 2nd brew - 60s or more for stronger flavour.

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