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Imperial Chrysanthemum

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  • Tin 28 AUD
  • Refill 22 AUD
Sweet sweet tea

Net weight: 8 individual packs, 2-3 flowers each pack

This precious variety of Chrysanthemum (also called Imperial Chrysanthemum since the Qing dynasty), comes from Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province. In particular, it is known for its beautiful appearance in hot water, when the bright yellow flower opens up into a rounded ball shape with many delicate petals. The brew has a pure, floral and sweet honey fragrance, and no unpleasant herbaceous smell. And its unique relaxing characteristics make it the perfect choice to calm and cleanse after a stressful day. Just one flower can last for multiple infusions.

Note from Ms.Cattea: contains 100% pure chrysanthemum in 8 individual packs. There are usually two chrysanthemum flowers in each packs, for some packs they might contain one larger flowers or three smaller flowers. This chrysanthemum is grown wild in mountains, the size of the flower can be varied every year. 

Brewing instructions: Use one flower for a cup, 95°C spring water, 60 seconds or more for each infusion. It can last for at least 3 infusions.

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