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Cooked Puer

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  • Tin 32 AUD
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Sweet sweet tea

Net weight: 80 g

Cooked Puer (also called Shou Puer) is a dark tea originating from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province. The tea has been fully post-fermented and compressed into a mini cube, ideal for one teapot. This dried ‘mini tea cube’ is dark-brown and expands upon brewing into many leaves, giving a strong and dark coloured tea. Its earthy and woody flavour are unique, mainly due to its ‘Wet Pilling’ tea-making procedure, leading to a smooth and gentle taste despite its compressed form.

Note from Ms.Cattea: each package contains about 13-15 pieces, depending on their sizes. When this compressed tea cube is infused with hot water, it will open up and develop a very strong flavour. It is recommended to brew it with a strainer or infuser so when the tea is becoming strong ( the colour of the tea becoming darker), then you can take out the strainer to stop the brewing.

Brewing instructions: 1 tea ball per teapot to make for 4-6 people; 100 °C fresh boiled spring water; 15 seconds or less for each brews. To brew this tea in a cup, break it down into small pieces, only use 1/6- 1/8 of the tea for a cup.

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