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Tea Workshop with Cathy Zhang

Basic Tea Ceremony Practice (25th SEP 2016)

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Tea ceremony gives the tea a second life to reborn, and its up to your hands to make it a good one or an exceptional one.

In this session, you will be making the tea yourself. I will be firstly sharing the knowledge of tea making skills with you via using Gaiwan, then you will be given a whole set of tea ware for the tea ceremony yourself, and you will learn and get to practice the whole process of a basic tea ceremony, get to understand the tea ware, steps of making teas, and the meaning of why we do certain movements in gongfu tea ceremony and etc.

I am aiming to teach you the basic skill of tea making so you can practice the tea ceremony at home, as a great way to make Gongfu tea to share with others and enjoy tea meditation yourself. 

The workshop will only be available to MAX 6 people in every session to ensure everyone have a good experience and get to practice enough. There are a lot of content in this session and we will try to squeeze everything in 2 hours, please allow us to go over time a little if we need to. Water and light snack will be provided.

Time: 12:30pm -14:30pm, 25th SEP 2016

Location: 58a Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest, Sydney, NSW 2065

Payment: The tea workshop cost $65 per head. When check out, the system will automatically charge you $10 delivery fee plus $55.

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