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22 Oct 2014



Ever since I can remember, I’ve been drinking tea. I still can recall when I was in the kindergarten, my grandfather would always wake up at the crack of dawn to start brewing a cup of fresh green tea, hand plucked and pan-fried by our local tea farmers. He would then sit on his chair with an unfolded newspaper.

Sweet sweet tea

The refreshing fried-bean aroma of the green tea, with the steams would fill the whole living room. When he was up to the third infusion (brew to you), I would get up and steal the tea from his cup… by that time, the tea isn’t as strong as the first and second brew, and the temperature was comfortable to drink. The flavour was light, refreshing and sweet which I liked very much. That would always be the morning ritual for such a long time of my life. You could say, the strong love I have for tea would be closely linked to my love for my family. With time goes by, I have become more passionated on tea and the love for my family also has increased abundantly. I cherish every cup of good tea because I understand the love behind the tea masters, just like I cherish my family because they are the most valuable thing in the world to me. 

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