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01 Nov 2014

Jasmine Pearl Green Tea

Tea Knowledge

With such an elegant name this green tea must have been discovered by a green tea master who loved poetry. When he saw the pure white jasmine flower freshly picked in the rise, noticing how the fresh green tea buds were made to curl into little pearl-shape balls he captured the sensation of the tea and came up with such a beautiful name.

Sweet sweet tea Jasmine green teas have always been the favorite among all tea drinkers. From tea masters who almost exclusively appreciate pure teas from high mountains to the people who only drink the Jasmine tea that is served with dim sums in yum cha everyone enjoys it! The highest quality Jasmine tea always has a fantastic Jasmine aroma this pleasant fragrant aroma will usually last for a number of brews. The first secret of high quality Jasmine tea is that it needs to be picked fresh in a tea garden located in high altitudes, only the longest and strongest tea buds must be picked. Not the tea leaves otherwise the flavor of the tea won’t be as rich or as smooth. Another secret is that the Jasmine flower used to blend with the fresh tea leave MUST be in its bloomed state so that the tea can absorb the best Jasmine essence from the flower. To make a single kilogram of dry Jasmine pearl tea three kilograms of fresh Jasmine flower is needed. Then each of the individual tiny pieces of tea need to be rolled by hand to make sure that the tea bud can form its beautiful round pearl-shape. Enormous amounts of time and effort has been consumed to make each cup of Jasmine pearl, so make sure every cup counts! Back to the blog