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Founder Profile

Cathy Zhang, the founder of Ms.Cattea has been “brewing” in the tea industry since 2002. She has obtained a bachelor degree in Tea Science (yes there is such a thing) from the University of Southern China. She previously owned a few tea businesses in China including a teahouse. In a nut shell, she’s our tea connoisseur, a qualified tea taster, a certified tea performance artist, and a tea scholar… all in all tea anorak.

Sweet sweet tea

“Tea was originated since the Shennong era nearly 5000 years ago. Every invention/progress in tea culture will always come with interesting history. Tea is such a great thing, which has been proven to have a lot of influence in shaping the literal history of the world. For example, it was the most important commodity for the Tibetans for many dynasties. Tea was the trigger of wars of Qing dynasty; and it caused a new dimension of tea trade development in the Song dynasty. The more I learnt about tea, the more I realised how little I knew. I realised that even if I spent a whole lifetime I would not be able to learn everything about tea. However tea is something that was really worth pursuing for me. When you get to understand tea more, you will see the benefits tea can give to you in return.

I believe the tea should bring people together. These unique moments of life are truly worth cherishing, all you should do is add tea. Each moment is unique and each cup of tea is different. Different weather, different people/friends, different mood, different location, different time.... even every teaspoon of the tea from the same tin can be different! Some may contain more tea leaves than tea buds, some may contain more full leaves than broken leaves. Each cup of good tea can create unique experiences every time you drink it.”