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For Conversations that never end

Subtly sweet and highly fragrant. You'll never want to leave.

Jasmine Green tea

Green tea

Jasmine Green tea

A popular scented green tea containing several layers of fresh pure jasmine flowers, used to enable the green tea to absorb its signature jasmine scent.

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For the Unforgettable memories

Wake up every morning to the creamy and flowery fragrance of our Caramelised Oolong tea.

Caramelised Oolong tea

Oolong tea

Caramelised Oolong tea

Also known as Jin Xuan Oolong, this variety presents a natural creamy and flowery fragrance, with a mild degree of semi-fermentation.

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For Friendships that last forever

Rich in flavour with a deep ruby colour. Bring your friends together with a cup of our Breakfast tea.

Ms. Cattea's Breakfast tea

Black tea

Ms. Cattea's Breakfast tea

Feeling refreshed is made a little easier with Ms Cattea’s specially selected breakfast tea, containing some of the finest and most delicate tea buds and leaves.

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For Moments worth cherishing

There's a tea for every occasion. Share your moments with Ms. Cattea.

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